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Biker California Ocean


Partiellement Nuageux AM Light Rain Light Rain / Wind Showers Showers
7ºC 9ºC 9ºC 9ºC 8ºC
Ven Sam Dim Lun Mar


Beau Partiellement Nuageux Mostly Sunny Showers Showers / Wind
11ºC 18ºC 18ºC 16ºC 15ºC
Ven Sam Dim Lun Mar

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Rides & Trips

Day Rides

The best motorcycle rides around Paris, organized every Sunday of the year (weather permitting) by members of the club.

Weekend Trips

2 or 3-day motorcycle rides in southern France.

Weeklong Tours

Motorcycle tours on the twisty and sunny roads of southern France, southern Europe, and everywhere the roads twist and turn under abundant sunshine.

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