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Eclaircies Light Rain Showers Eclaircies Showers
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Sam Dim Lun Mar Mer


Beau Rain / Thunder AM Rain Ensoleillé Partiellement Nuageux
18ºC 16ºC 15ºC 16ºC 15ºC
Sam Dim Lun Mar Mer

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Were you looking for a fun and adventurous group of people who like to travel and ride motorcycles?
You found it !

Welcome to MotoVirolo, your supplier of twisting asphalt, a France-based sport touring motorcycle club that emphasizes the "sport" in sport touring.

MotoVirolo offers weekend and weeklong motorcycle rides -trips, tours, excursions- on the twisting and sunny roads of southern France, southern Europe and beyond.

MotoVirolo gets its name from the French word "virolo", often used in the plural form by French motorcyclists to describe a very twisty stretch of road.

MotoVirolo is primarily for riders of sport bikes and high performance naked bikes, with a neat preference for bikes of character in general, and European bikes (Ducati, MV Agusta, Triumph, KTM...) in particular.

MotoVirolo is a not-for-profit organization, and we are not charging a membership fee for the club.

Join us!