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MotoVirolo > Rules & Conditions

We like to ride at a spirited pace, but we have high safety-awareness and always ride non-competitively. Our Group Riding Rules are designed to maximize both enjoyment and safety, and enable our rides to be fun for riders of different skill levels. In fact, our most important rule is to "ride your own ride" - meaning that each rider rides at a pace that is comfortable for him or her.

MotoVirolo invites non-members to join us for Sunday rides, though we request that you first contact the club before riding up on Sunday morning. Experience has taught us that properly setting expectations will help make your first ride with us both safe and enjoyable.
All motorcycles on our rides must have good tires, brakes, and current legal paperwork. In addition, all riders are required to wear proper Protective Gear in the form of helmet, motorcycle jacket, riding pants, boots and gloves. We do not make exceptions to the protective gear requirement.

MotoVirolo is not a travel agency. Terms and conditions for the trips and events we offer are those of the providers (travel agencies, hotels, etc.) we plan the trips/events with.